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ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby a.s.
Politických vězňů 1337
274 01 Slaný

Tel/Fax: 312 526 210
E-mail: info@ckd-jeraby.cz


About company

CKD Mobilni Jeraby joint-stock company, it was found on the base of restructure of company CKD Slany a.s. in December 1997. Its entrepreneurial activity starting on 1.1.1998 and took over technician know-how, production, sale and service of mobile cranes, originally produced under sign CKD.

It took over more than forty years long tradition in production of hydraulic mobile cranes with telescopic jib, to develop it. The company produces and sells mobile cranes and truck-mounted cranes bearing of 10-30 Mp and ensures their services.

All cranes have more parts telescopic jib, fully hydraulic control system, microprocessor control of stability etc. All used crane undercarriage fulfill ecological conditions EURO IV.


The most important kinds of types:

Truck-mounted crane AD 10.

This machine is the smallest type of offered line. Its bearing is 10 Mp and could reach more than 16 m. It is quick and light crane for different security applications, works in heavy terrain in energetic or in army, but in building industry too and everywhere, where exact assembling works are needed (on earth or in small highs). Basic execution is fixing up on undercarriage TATRA T 815. Alternativaly is possible to use another types of undercarriages from world producers. At present are verified following chassis MAN, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Iveco, etc.

Truck-mounted crane AD 14.

This is a standard truck-mounted crane of the light category. It is useful mainly in energetic and building industry. Its telescopic jib is consisted from three parts and is fully sledded out. It is possible to fixing up accessories for tilting about 15°. Its bearing is 14 Mp and reaches the high more than 24 m. If customer would like to use this truck-mounted crane mainly in heavy terrain it is fixing up on undercarriage TATRA 6x6, which fulfill these requirements. Fixing up of crane was verified on chassis KAMAZ, Mercedes-Benz, MAN. It is possible to use practically all mid undercarriages from all world producers.

Tuck-mounted crane AD 20.2.

This type is the most preferable crane at present. It integrates requirements for high mobility and big range of parameters for wide using in building industry.

Its bearing is 20 Mp. It consists of three parts telescopic jib and can reach up to high of 32 m. In basic execution is fixing up on undercarriage TATRA 815 6x6. It is possible to alternatively use big range of undercarriages of world producers. It was verified for example on chassis KAMAZ 6x6, 6x4, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, MAN, Scania, Steyr. Variant with four parts jib is also available.

Truck-mounted crane AD 30.

At present is this model the biggest crane produced by our company. Its conception ranges it on the top of mid auto-cranes. Its bearing is max. 30 Mp and reaches the high of 36 m (in execution AD 28) and up to 42 m (in execution AD 30 with two parts buildings extension). Typical using of this crane is for different building works. It has big mobility. In basic execution consists of four parts jib with compartment building extension, in variant AD 30 two parts extension with possibility of titling into position called swan neck. Fixing up is made on special carriage TATRA with narrow cabin, so it is possible to use it in the city with electric grid for trams. This sign ranges it under all competitive cranes in its category. The super structure is possible to fixing up on other undercarriages of classic conceptions too (with standard cabin), but the effect of narrow building high of machine disappears. It was fixing up for example on MAN, was verified Mercedes Benz etc.

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