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ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby a.s.
Politických vězňů 1337
274 01 Slaný

Tel/Fax: 312 526 210
E-mail: info@ckd-jeraby.cz


Fire-brigade equipment

What would a fire fighter do without proper fire fighting equipment? Fire brigades need to be equipped with the best fire-fighting equipment. The quality and reliability of our fire service depends on top quality fire-fighting equipment.

Fire-fighting equipment – mobile cranes

ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby j.s.c. specialises in the manufacture of mobile cranes. Our wide range of mobile cranes is unique on the Czech market. In includes hoisting equipment, recovery cranes, truck-mounted cranes (as well multi-purpose mobile cranes). Scrapper blade, wrecking and towing equipment can be added to the mobile crane as well as winches, construction extension and other needed equipment that may be required for mobile cranes.

You can also order your own selection of equipment for your mobile crane according to your specific requirements, for example: 

  • mobile electric power stations
  • conversion blocks
  • special binding equipment (girdles)
  • towing rods
  • special fixtures (e.g. rope fitting Z 20 LR – for containers ISO 1-C and ISO 1-CC
  • remote-control search lights
  • extra features
  • etc..

ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby j.s.c.  fire-fighting equipment

  • mobile cranes
  • recovery cranes

Where our fire-fighting equipment can help

  • in fire-fighting
  • in traffic accidents
  • after natural disasters
  • at various problems with animals
  • etc.

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