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Truck-mounted Crane Tatra AD 10 K

The truck-mounted crane AD 10 K in container execution is determined for using on chassis with container hydraulic system. The crane superstructure is provided with own engine Hatz and therefore it can work as well without the chassis with the same crane parameters except travel. The maximal lifting capacity is 10 000 kg. Technical data alterations reserved.

AD - 10lengthwidthheightwidth with extended outriggers
Dimensions mm7 7002 4803 800 *3 820
Total mass kg17 300 (only superstructure about 7 000) *
Axle loading kgfront: 7 320 *rear: 9 540 *
Lifting capacity kg / m10 000 / 2,5
Travel with load kg/mm1 500 / 2 200
Length of basic boomretracted: 7 100 mmextended: 12 000 mm
Length of boom with fly jib15 000 mm
Hydraulic system5 circuits on slewing superstructure
Safety deviceSLI 05 D
Controlelectronic. proportional with spherical controllers
Type of undercarriageTATRA T 815, MERCEDES, 
IVECO / wheelbase 3 700 mm
Power output230 kW (Tatra)
Max. travelling speed80 km/hr. *
Towing deviceTATRA yes - permissible mass of trailer 10 000 kg


* depends on used chassis

The characterization and using of the crane AD 10 K

The main purpose of the crane superstructure in container execution is to offer to customers, which already are in possession of the chassis with container hydraulic system or which speculate about the purchase of this one (by example CTS 14155 VP etc.) and which want to use it for various activities and with different exchangeable superstructures, to extend their possibilities about crane works. There is not necessary to put money in another purchase of the chassis as in case of classical truck-mounted crane, better possibility of using full capacity of already operated vehicle, larger scope of offered works.

Further argument is savings of other expenses associated with operating of all vehicles (road tax, accident insurance etc ..) Our system is suitable solution for all firms, which have not based their activity on operating of classic truck-mounted cranes (as building machine), but nevertheless these firms use crane works fitfully or for recurrent activity in different time intervals.

The crane can work in following mode :

  • like classical truck-mounted crane together with container chassis, the crane is unloaded after work and the chassis can be used for other container superstructures
  • Crane superstructure, which is fitted with own diesel engine Hatz and therefore is quite independent on chassis engine, can work separately on shoring with the same crane parameters except travel(material and goods loading etc.) Vehicle, which has transported crane superstructure at working place, can work from this time with another superstructure. In this way it can be ensured loading and transport by using only one vehicle and one crew.

Crane transport

The crane superstructure in container execution behaves during transport like standard truck-mounted crane and it is capable of doing similar character of work.

Crane unloading and loading

Crane unloading and loading proceeds accordingly like with using of analogical container, by using of loading hydraulic arm. Only diversity is necessity to lift the crane jib a little for preventing from its clash with chassis during car´s reversing to unloaded crane or during crane’s lowering on land.

Crane loading and unloading in transport position:

Crane loading and unloading in working position:

After the chassis is under crane superstructure in operating position, the hook of hydraulic system becomes secured, the outriggers erected into transport position and all superstructure will be lifted on the chassis.

Crane levelling into working position

The outriggers are hydraulically tipped and mortised in position on transport vehicle. Then piston rods of vertical rollers of outriggers are lowered on land and slipped out as far as the wheels of rear axle unstick from land and after it they are hydraulically locked up. If we demand crane superstructure to work separately, we must disconnect it from hook of hydraulic winding-up system, lower the superstructure by the help of vertical rollers of outriggers and the chassis can leave workplace.

Crane activity

Own crane work are identical with standard crane AD 10, inclusive of according way of operating crane from seat with spherical joysticks and electronic safety equipment (EIP SLI 05 D and IVN), boom telescoping and using of extended fly jib.

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