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Truck-mounted Crane Tatra AD 10

The truck-mounted crane AD 10 (Mobile crane Tatra) is determined for building and assembly works as well as for the works in heavy terrain. The crane superstructure is provided with two-section telescopic boom and hydraulic Danfoss with joysticks, on acceptable undercarriage according to the customer’s requirement. The maximal lifting capacity is 10 000 kg. Technical data alterations reserved.

AD - 10lengthwidthheightwidth with extended outriggers
Dimensions mm7 7502 5003 6503 600
Total mass kg14 500
Axle loading kgfront: 7 450rear: 7 050
Lifting capacity kg10 000
Travel with load kg/mm3 000 / 2 200
Length of basic boomretracted: 7 100 mmextended: 12 000 mm
Length of boom with fly jib15 000 mm
Hydraulic system1 circuit on undercarriage, 4 on slewing superstructure
Safety deviceSLI 05
Controlelectronic. proportional with spherical controllers
Type of undercarriageMERCEDES BENZ 4x4, IVECO ,TATRA 815-4x4
wheelbase 4090 mm
Max. travelling speed80 km/hr
Towing deviceyes - permissible mass of trailer 5 000 kg