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Truck-mounted Crane Iveco AD 20

The truck-mounted crane AD 20 is determined for building and assembly works also in heavy terrain. In the basic execution is delivered under the designation AD 20.2 on the undercarriage IVECO (Mobile crane Iveco) or on undercarriages according to the customer’s requirement, with a three section boom. The truck-mounted crane is possible to be equipped with the hydraulics DANFOSS with joysticks, lattice fly jib etc. Technical data alterations are reserved.

AD 20.2 IVECOlengthwidthheightwidth with extended outriggers
Dimensions mm10 5302 5003 9504 600
Total / permissible mass kg24 260 (permissible 26 000) *
Axle loading kgfront : 8 000 – permissiblerear: 2 x 9 500 *
Lifting capacity kg20 000
Travel with load kg/mm4 000 / 2 800
Length of basic boomretracted: 8 900 mmextended: 20 900 mm
Length of boom with fly jib28 800 mm
Hydraulic system2 auxiliary circuits on chassis,2 main circuits on slewing superstruc.
Safety deviceSLI 05
Controlmechanical, four-lever control of distributors
Type of undercarriageIVECO Trakker AD260T41 H 6x4 / wheelbase 3 820 mm
Engine power254 kW at 2 200 min-1 *
Max. traveling speed90 km/hod with limiter *
Towing deviceyes - permissible mass of trailer 18 000 kg *

* according concrete execution of chassis (customer’s requirement)

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