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Rescue Crane Mercedes Benz AV 30

The AV 30 multi-purpose rescue crane is the novelty in branch of rescue technology. There are used long-term experiences of our firm during mobil crane production and there are conserved the qualities for classic crane works, which are extended about the ability for wrecking works of damaged vehicles (winch RAMSEY RPH 45 000 with rope draught 20 t) and for towing of damaged vehicles (hydraulic towing attachment up to the maximum weight 7,5 t.)

Alternatively the crane can be equipped with further winch HYK 10 with rope guider and stroke 10,0 t in rope ø 16 mm with length cca 70 m. In front part of vehicle under bumper there can be mounted 3rd rescue winch HV 12/15000 with stroke in rope cca 6,0 t. 

Technical characterization

The undercarriage and bottom frame of crane

The crane superstructure is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Actros 4143 K 8x4 or Actros 4150 K 8x8 chassis or alternatively on TATRA 815 260 R 81 36 255 8x8.2/20 chassis. Used chassis has two rear axles with two-mounting of wheels. The tyre size is 315/80-R 22,5, front axles 385/65-R 22,5. There are used two couples of constructively different outriggers for crane stability with considerable extended applied qualities. The first couple of horizontal extending outriggers is placed behind wheels of the second front axle; after extension into working position the vertical cylinders of outriggers are after lowering on land automatically hydraulically locked up. The second couple is placed on the rear end. These outriggers are determined for crane anchorage during wrecking (two-stage outrigger lugs enable using both on paved ground – plain lugs - and digging in ground during wrecking in terrain – lug position for„digging”-.

An optical-acoustic warning device, flashing type, is located on the chassis cabin. The cabin has holders for two breathing apparatus. The crane chassis has several storage spaces for necessary machine equipment and rigging equipment.

Slewing and crane’s cab, boom

Slewing, operating, cab and crane cover is constructed so that crane abilities have been conserved. The crane is fitted with an SLI 05 D electronic overload indicator and high voltage IVN indicator. The boom has got two hydraulic telescopic sections with the final section (the fourth) being extended by changing the fixing piston rod pins. The boom length is constructed so that the parameters for vehicle wrecking from shorter distances would be increased to the maximum. The crane is equipped with a three sheave hook block for a maximum load of 30 t. The truck mounted crane is possible to be equipped with the hydraulics DANFOSS with proportional joysticks of crane functions according to a customer’s requirement.

Wrecking mechanism

Own wrecking mechanism consists of a twin brake, hydraulically operated jib with zinc wrecking and transporting fork. The jib is fitted with a RAMSEY RPH 45000 hydraulic winch with a rope draught of 20 t. The winch is equipped with rope of length 70 m therefore allowing retrieval of a vehicle up to more than 60 m. The winch construction makes it possible a rope lifting with manual tractive force without necessity of hydraulic unwinding (higher speed during using). The hydraulics of wrecking jib and winch operating is remote controlled, by the means of transmitter and it makes for staff possible to control wrecking works from immediate nearness.
During road travelling the wrecking forks are raised to a safe height next to boom and therefore it is not able to endanger other vehicles in any case. The forks are in this position locked mechanically. The forks are adjustable both for different wheel pitch of towing vehicles and also makes possible the change of crane. radius behind the rescue crane (telescopic, hydraulically extended jib). During lifting with the forks under the towed vehicle the lifting rollers are locked hydraulically for safe transporting. The lifting capacity for the forks is 7,5 t. The crane is equipped with an electronic scale to determine the weight of the load suspended on the transport (winching) tackle.

Technical data and reached parameters

Rescue crane AV30LengthWidthHeightWidth with dumping outriggers
Dimensions mm~ 110002 5003 8505 780
Total mass~ 32 000 kg
Lifting capacity30 000 kg
Length of boom mretracted 7,0extended hydraulically 15,0 (mechanically 17,5)
Hydraulic system6 circuits on chassis, 4 circuits on slewing superstructure
Safety deviceSLI 05D completed with IVN
Crane controlmechanical, four-level control of distributors
Type of undercarriageMercedes-Benz Actross 4143 K 8x4/4 // MB Actros 4150 K 8x8/4
Max. traveling speed85 km/hr ( only crane – without towing )
Wrecking mechanismhydraulic-mechanical jib with grasping fork
Tractive power in ropemax. 20 t (in basic layer of rope) // max. 10,0 t // max. 
cca 6,0 t
Length of wrecking rope70 m (efficiently more than 60 m) // 70,- m (more than 60,-) // ~ 38 m
Lifting capacity of fork7,5 t (at min. crane radius)
Fork extensiontelescopic, hydraulic lift up to 1 200 mm
Controlling of wreckingremote, wireless with transmitter (jib and winch)
Scrapper blade *type PSS 26
Dimensionswidth2 600 mm
Vehicle length with blade~ 12 000 mm
Controlling of bladefrom vehicle cab from control panel
Further possible equipmentaccording to wish and order
Electric power stationNEEC H 4
Specific equipmentaccording to order

The change of construction possible!
* If the scrapper blade is mounted, there is no winch HV 12/15 000 

Scrapper blade

The crane can be completed as special equipment with hydraulic scrapper blade - type PSS 26 with width 2600 mm. The snow-plough blade is adjustable hydraulically both in vertical and horizontal level (it is able to adjust it in inclined level to both sides of vehicle). All manipulation of the blade is made easy by way of a control panel inside the drivers cab. The blade is simple to disconnect / connect from vehicle including the hydraulic pipe connections which are quick fit couplings. The lower end of the blade is covered with rubber.

Special equipment

It is possible to equip the crane with further attachment according to specific requirements of customer like is for example extending of tools equipment and special preparations, further headlights (e.g. point rotating one for night seeking, or lighting of damaged vehicle), etc. The crane is equipped with long-distance controlled reflector for lighting of working site placed on first telescopic part of boom – reflector is possible to move round in any direction by help of operating device. ovladače.

Trading conditions

Delivery term and payment conditions

The crane with regard to its specific use is not made serially, but only made-to-order. Therefore delivery time is s about 6 months after signing the contract. Payment conditions will be determined according to agreement. But advance payment to the amount of 40 % of contract price is supposed to be paid.

Price and payment conditions for export are in need to specialize for every factual order independently (influence of required delivery conditions, machine’s equipment, distance of delivery place, etc.).

Guarantee and after-guarantee service

All guarantee and after-guarantee service of crane is made by producer or its authorized service stations except of such crane parts, the repairs of which are subject to repair of relevant producer (e.g. in its network, electronic device, etc.). The length of guarantee time is given standard 12 months since the date of the sale to the final user in accordance with conditions fixed in guarantee letter.

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