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Rescue and Tow Truck Mercedes Benz VA 08

VA 08 II Rescue and Tow Truck is designed for flexible action during rescue of vehicles resting off the public roads as a result of accidents, and for loading of the vehicles onto towing equipment if their axles or tyres are damaged.

Vehicles which are only immobile (breakdown of engine, transmission, etc.) can be towed using a classical tow assembly located at the back of the truck. The truck has 40 and 50 mm pivot tows and respective tow bars.

Technical specification


The tow superstructure is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Actros 3346 chassis, wheelbase 5.100 mm.

Chassis parameters:
Wheelbase5100 mm
Rear axle wheelbase1350 mm
Width2482 mm
Cabin height (acc. to type)8800 mm
Length3203- 3483 mm
Kerb weight22000 kg
Total weight33000 kg
Axle load capacity9000/13000/13000 kg
Engine output335 kW


Superstructure technical parameters:
Length6800 mm
Width2500 mm
Collapsed height3150 mm
Max. height, extended boom6550 mm
Telescope extension3500 mm
Tow unit extension1700 mm
Outrigger extension500 mm
Superstructure weight9500 - 11 000 kg
Load capacity of max. extended telescope (horizontal)6000 kg
Load capacity of extended telescope (max. raise)8000 kg
Load capacity of retracted telescope (max. raise)12 000 kg
Load capacity of tow assembly (max. extension)7000 kg
Load capacity of tow assembly (retracted)10 000 kg
Load capacity of tow frame and jigs8000 - 10 000 kg
Winch tow capacity6000 kg

The superstructure is fitted with three winches with a rope towing power of about 120 kN and rope length of 50 m. Two winches are located on the truck frame, and one on the main boom. The ropes of all winches are routed through rotating pulley blocks which facilitates winching of vehicles (or other handled objects) in a 180° sector at the rear of the truck. One winch can be used to stabilize the truck itself, while the rope of another winch can pull loads at an angle of up to 90° to the truck’s longitudinal axis. To prevent rear of the truck from shifting rearwards (in the direction of the rope pull) 2 outriggers are used, which otherwise serve as stabilizers (also to take the load off the rear axles of the chassis) when lifting heavier loads with the winch located on the main boom. The third winch, located at the foot of the main boom, can be used to pull loads in the truck’s axis at the rear, e.g. to load something onto the towing assembly; also loads up to 8 t can raised up to 5 m above the ground at a distance of about 2 m from the truck’s rear end, with the telescopic boom section extended at about 3.5 m. The total length of the extended boom is approximately 8.8 m.

Superstructure Control

All functions (working actions) of rescue and tow equipment VA-08 II can be controlled remotely using CALL 19 controller or by means of tilting switches on the control panel located on the right side of the truck.

Storage Spaces

VA-08 II truck has sufficient closed storage spaces for storing and fixing rescue and binding accessories.

Recommended Equipment

Binding and rescue accessories, fire-extinguishing equipment, hydraulic rescue equipment, towed truck light ramp, warning cones and other site marking equipment, welding unit with power generator, equipment for towing of trailer, set of towing forks with adapters.


The vehicle is equipped with special accessories for rescue and towing work. Accessories are located in the right and left external boxes of the superstructure, as well as in several other storage spaces inside the superstructure.

General use accessories:

  • binding equipment
  • polyester binding slings 2 pcs
  • locking strut for boom 1 pcs

Accessories for towing using a tow bar:

  •  tow bar 2 pcs

Accessories for towing using forks and tow frame:

  •  towing forks 4 pairs
  •  fork holder 2 pcs
  •  towing frame L + R 2 pcs

Rescue accessories:

  • pulley for doubling towing force
  • and for winching vehicles 1+1 pc

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