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ČKD Mobilní Jeřáby a.s.
Politických vězňů 1337
274 01 Slaný

Tel/Fax: 312 526 210
E-mail: info@ckd-jeraby.cz


New crane - AD10 on chassis ROSS/Renault

Mobile Crane AD10 ROSS 210.12 VV 6x6

We offer - new crane AD10 on chassis ROSS 210.12 VV 6x6

Chassis ROSS R210.12VV 6x6 - engine Renault MIDR 0602 26W4, 3-seat cabin Renault and gearbox Eaton.

Chassis - year of manufacture 1998.

If you are interested in this offer, please do not hesitate to ask u more questions at: ckd@ckd-jeraby.cz

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